In principle I am generally opposed to public funding being used to support a private business, particularly a business with billionaire owners that is profitable and does not require a bailout to sustain the employment of large numbers of people. However, I have reconsidered my own position and could be convinced to support the current proposals under the following circumstances:

a. The Dolphins sign a legally unassailable agreement with the state of Florida to keep the team in South Florida for the next one hundred years;

b. All overruns in the cost of the project are to be paid for by the team;

c. The NFL will host at least two Super Bowls in the stadium each decade for the next fifty years; and

d. The special taxing district from which the funds for this project are provided will receive a small but not inconsequential percentage of parking, concession and stadium rental receipts over the course of the life of the special taxation. Unlike the Marlins current agreement where revenues are paid to the City of Miami only after a particular revenue level is reached, the percentage is to be assessed across all revenue no matter how large or small.

If the Dolphins and the NFL would be willing to make these concessions then they would receive my support (for what little that is worth).