OK, so now you should have a bad conscience if you disagree with his approach? Gotcha

Tell ya what Barry, i'll go all in with you. Disarm the guards and the Secret Service that protect your kids at school. Take all the auto and semi automatic weapons from the ATF, FBI, Homeland Security and every other domestic agency. The founding fathers did not specify arms for hunting or sport.....they regarded well armed peoples to be able to defend themselves from an oppressive government. Has anyone in the Obama camp even looked at Ruby Ridge or Elian Gonzalez to see how reckless and overbearing the government is to Joe Citizen?

Oh yeah, hows your conscience with all the innocents killed in drone strikes? Drones have killed more innocent people than a Bushmaster, but Damned if you're going to stop drone attacks. And how many murders were commited in Chicago and Detroit last year with "assault rifles" versus other forms of firearms. I bet you'd be surprised.

And i hope the GOP holds the debt ceiling hostage till you get off your ass and show us some real spending cuts and the application of new revenues to the debt, and not to new pork spending and stimulus.

But i'm a dreamer....just like Lennon.....John for you unwashed heathens out there