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Who else is rooting hard for the Patriots next Sunday? If the Ravens make it to the Superbowl, it'll be non-stop Ray Lewis talk for two weeks straight. I can't stand him and his over the top, preachy demeanor.

Just retire and go away.
especially considering his past with the double murder 13 years ago. Sounds like a rich star athlete getting by from the legal system whereas regular fols like us would be in prison. Maybe he didn't murder, but his covering up part is pretty shady to me. Covering up a murder is pretty bad if you ask me, pretty thuggish if you ask me. my dad can't stand him ha. he casually follows football, but knows what's going on with the bit stories and watches game for fun, but doesn't have a fav team or care to much with who wins, except he usually likes underdogs, but he can't stand ray lewis and thats the one team he does not want to win or go to superbowl