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Personally I wouldn't criticize the DBs Coach. He got Sean Smith the best year of his career, got Reshad Jones to a near pro bowl level, even made Chris Clemons look more solid than he really is, and had a bunch of injured and waiver wire guys at the other corner spots yet made it work. That's the last place I would look.

But what about Jim Turner? Jake Long had the worst year he's had as a pro even before he got hurt. Jon Martin was a weakness the whole year and didn't progress. Did we really get anything out of Mike Pouncey that we weren't already expecting, or John Jerry or Richie Incognito for that matter?

What about the WRs Coach? Brian Hartline had a great year but Davone Bess only had an average year for him and everyone else was absolute garbage. How does Legedu Naanee stay a starter under this guy for as long as he did? And it should be noted that Brian Hartline missed practically the entire off season and training camp, so that would cast a little bit of a shadow on the idea that our WRs Coach's coaching and development of Hartline led him to this success.

What about the TEs Coach? Anthony Fasano had a below average year for him, Charles Clay never took the next step, and Michael Egnew was buried. Why should we assume the 1st year tight ends coach who said Pat Devlin is the next Tony Romo, is actually good at his job?

What about the QBs Coach?
I don't think you fire a position coach at the end of the his first season with a new team, unless he was just unable to fulfill expectations altogether, but I would expect Philbin, or any HC for that matter, to evaluate what they did right and wrong and come up with an improvement plan regardless. That said, I did have some issues with the OLine as that Philbin and Turner seemed Hell bent on changing to new schemes with guys that were drafted or brought in for a different, more power straight ahead, type run blocking. The struggles we seemed to see from guys, whether being confused on blocking assignments, or unable to complete them, could be attributed to this.

Dan Campbell should know his job as TE coach after 11 years of playing and winning a ring with the Saints. I wouldn't dock him for saying that Devlin reminds him of Romo a little. ;-)

The QBs coach is Sherman's son in law. Nepotism, aye. That said, he should still be judged on his own merit by Philbin. Doubt he is leaving before Sherman though. If anything he would move to a "quality control" type position or something if there was a change.. lol...