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Thread: Dolphins 2013 Offseason Primer and Free Agency..............Thoughts?

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    Dolphins 2013 Offseason Primer and Free Agency..............Thoughts?

    Great write up, I agree with most of the things said. Here is my tale on our offseason.
    I believe we have the inside track on Jennings as well, like you said. If the need is obvious to US as fans, than it is extremely noticeable for Jennings, his family, and most importantly the Dolphins.
    I feel if we can lock up Smith or Long to a team friendly deal that is still relatively accurate for their skill level and team need, than we jump it.

    Also have the rest of our team locked up to respectable contracts and not create more holes than we already have. You don't solve problems by creating more.

    Cap Room 55 mill (Roughly, seen between 40-60 mill on different sources)

    Restructure / Extend

    Reshad Jones has blossomed into a star in front of our eyes, and he is only getting better. As hoops mentioned earlier, Extending him now on the cheap is a smart move. Restructuring Patterson's gaudy deal gives us room to make this extension with Jones without drastically effecting our cap.

    R. Jones : 4 yrs 24 mill - 6 mill cap
    D. Patterson : Take paycut or GET cut.
    2yrs 2 mill - 1 mill cap

    Smith : 4 yrs 20 - 5 mill cap
    Long : 3 yrs 27mill. - 9 mill cap
    Starks : 3 yrs 21 mill. - 7 mill cap
    Hartline : 4 yrs 16 mill - 4 mill cap
    Clemons : 2 yrs 4 mill - 2 mill cap
    Bush : 2 yrs 10 mill - 5 mill cap

    Free Agency

    There are many different options we can go with FA. We would like to think we will land the top FA at every position of need, but that is not realistic. All 32 teams are looking to improve, not just the Dolphins. And as much as our organization is on the rise, many FA's will still be attracted to Top Notch Contenders. So here is my realistic list of FAs.

    Greg Jennings
    It seems like a match made in heaven. The Dolphins are looking for a playmaker at WR that won't break the bank as much as Wallace, they are looking for someone who can not only come in and produce but is also a high character man who can mentor the other WRs.
    As fans we tend to be blinded by just the sport, but we must remember that these are regular people as well,not just tv figures. The organization is looking for someone who fits their system ON and OFF the field. And Jennings is that.

    Jennings : 3 yrs 24 mill - 8 mill cap

    Martellus Bennett - A physical specimen who seems to need a new scene to thrive the way he should, while using his god given ability to his advantage. He also was scouted and drafted by Ireland when they were in Dallas. With J. Cook and D. Keller hitting the market, he won't be as pricey.

    M. Bennett - 2 yrs 4 mill - 2 mill cap

    That puts us at $49 mill cap, with 6 mill left for rookies

    Draft :
    1) B. Mingo DE/OLB LSU (With the rise of other DE's in the draft, he may just fall in our laps. One of the most explosive, yet raw players in the draft. Lining up opposite Wake, this puts us in a great position for our front 7

    2a) J. Cooper OG UNC (This guy is an absolute BEAST in the trenches and will be a great fit in our zone blocking scheme. Great feet and strength at the POA)

    2b) DeAndre Hopkins (I really want to go for R. Woods or J. Hunter here because I feel as though they will be here with this pick, but their injuries concern me. Hopkins looked amazing vs LSU and not only runs crisp routes, but takes the top off of defenses. Something Ireland has been looking for in his WRs.

    3a) David Amerson CB/S NC State (This NC State product plays a physical game, just the way Coyle likes his CBs. He has gotten beat his share of times, but it has been because of mental errors, not physical ability. If Coyle can coach him up, he can be one heck of a player)

    3b) Bacarri Rambo FS/SS Georgia (Former Teammate of R. Jones and playmaking safety out of Georgia drops this far because of attitude, something that can be fixed and controlled by this staff and former teammate Jones. This guy has crazy range, great Ball skills and can lay the lumber when needed. Having him develop and having Jones paired with him will make this secondary deadly)

    4) Lerentee McCray OLB UF (STRENGTHS: Athletic looking frame with thick lower half, and long, muscular arms. Exhibits good top-end speed and acceleration in space. Displays strong punch and ability to generate a bull rush when he establishes low position/leverage. Will spread out and cover the slot from time to time, and possesses fluid backpedal in space. Possesses active hands on contact and flashes good use of long arms to swim back inside as a rusher. Plays with some physicality and is tough to push back at the line. Persistent worker on the field who plays with energy and aggression. CBS Sports Overview)

    5) Josh Boyce WR TCU (5'11" WR who has crisp routes and game breaking speed, good hands and comes through in the clutch, needs to refine mental aspect of game)

    6) Tyrann Mathieu CB ex-LSU (Formerly the Honeybadger, this playmaking CB is all over the field. Sometimes overrated, he has been beaten in coverage. But with a late round flyer, the upside is way too high for us to pass up. If this kid straightens out his off the field issues, than he will be a starter in the NFL.)

    7a) Braden Brown OT BYU (
    STRENGTHS: Long, athletic-looking frame with ideal size to play tackle at the next level. Routinely comes off the line with a flat back and consistent pad levels. Displays impressive punch in pass protection when able to get his arms extended.

    He needs work, but if he built up strength he can be a serviceable backup OT.

    7b) Joseph Fauria TE UCLA (This guy is a 6'7" 250 freak of nature built in TE Gronkowski/Vernon Davis mold. Injuries have plagued him his entire career and his blocking needs work. But with his 4.58 speed and soft hands, he is a project I believe could pan out into a good seam TE.

    Tell me what you guys think! Love the feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJFins87 View Post
    I would love the signing of Levitre as well as Jared Cook. Pair that with drafting Dee Milner, if we trade up, or staying put i say draft patterson. 2013 would sureley look a lot more optimistic.
    No way we draft Dee Milner. He will be gone probably in the top 5 picks and it doesn't do any good to have all of these extra 2nd and 3rds to invest multiple picks in one player when we have so many needs. Draft best Pass rusher, Tight End, or receiver with our number 12 pick. Draft the other positions with the 4 remaining picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Don't take another lineman at number 12. Take a player that scores touchdowns or sacks the QB. Get a cornerback in Free agency and another one in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    It's all about offense these days. They have neutered the defenses to the point that even the best defenses such as San Francisco and Baltimore can't really stop the best offenses. They all get lit up regardless of the players they have by the best offenses. Look what happened to Seattle. They've tilted the game so that Defense is less impactful. They did that when they introduced the Illegal contact rule, the helmet to helmet rules, the increased pass interference and roughing the passer calls makes the defense much less effective than it was in previous seasons.

    Defending the pass is hard with a DB when you're more likely to get a PI call vs make a real play, but if you can get pressure on the QB, then that is still an area where a defense can get off the field on 3rd down more than the chances of relying on a big play in your secondary regardless of who your dbs are. However, I hope we draft mostly players that score touchdowns. Did you count how many weapons Tom Brady has on his roster? He's got like 9 solid play making weapons to go to. How many do we have? We can grab some more Olinemen later in the draft and possibly in free agency. We need to build a powerful offense that can score points otherwise we have no chance of sustaining consistent winning and playoff seasons in this new NFL.

    Wake up Front office!!!
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    Outstanding post :-)
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    I'm not bringing back Smith--too inconsistent. Over pursues constantly and misses the tackle, and misses the tackle in general.
    Bush $5, Hartline $4.5, and Clemons $2. That's all I'm bringing back.

    Cut Ingonito and Carpenter

    Cox $5 million a year, Jennings $8mill, Levitre $6 mill a year, Kruger $4.5mill , Ed Reed $3-1 year (almost every need filled...besides TE).

    Johnathan Banks-CB
    Dallas Thomas? OL
    Robert Woods WR
    Reed TE
    Best DE available
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