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It's a guide for behavior that shouldn't be repeated.

Then why are they all alleged Christians? You could only find Christians who “do things that shouldn’t be repeated”? I already gave you plenty of examples of atheists you could have used.

Not trying to 'prove' anything, but like Tyler mentioned, it is fascinating to see some of the behavior carried out in the name of the God; whether that be Christian or otherwise. If there were videos about Muslims calling the Earth 6,000 years old or saying gays caused natural disasters I'd damn sure make fun of them as well.

Oh please, the only nations who still treat homosexuality as a capital offense are all Islamic nations; you weren’t trying very hard if you were trying at all to be fair. I was shocked that was really “the worst Christianity has to offer”, it paled in comparison to the worst Islam and Atheism apparently have to offer.

Well, according to the bible, God did kill every person on the planet save Noah & his family. For the stuff that actually happened though, there were the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the mass killing of North & Central American natives by Christian conquistadors & missionaries; to name a few.

All of those add up to a few thousand people, one staunch atheist and Darwinist was able to kill upwards of 60 million people, trust me, you guys win when it comes to killing your fellow humans.

Precisely, a person's religious affiliation, or lack there of, don't inherently reflect one's course of action. I do get the vibe though from some Christians that there's some intrinsic quality about Atheism that makes one more prone to being less 'moral' than one aligned with Christianity, when we know that isn't necessarily the case. I think this is somewhat reflected in society by the very real trouble an atheistic or agnostic politician would have running for a position like the Presidency.

There’s no such thing as a moral person, that’s the whole point and that is what the Bible teaches.