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Look, regarding specific players, it's whomever the scouts rate the highest at those positions regarding WR and Tight End, and even O-line. Regarding investing early draft picks 4-1 offense vs defense I say damn right. Your method has given us nothing but mediocrity for well over a decade. Time to change with the times and do what it takes to bring some explosive playmakers in the passing game both in free agency, and young fellas to develop. You could basically resign Starks, add a cornerback or two and our defense would be solid enough to win. The Offense however needs almost a complete rebuild. So, rebuild it, don't muck about and make moves that are safe and that will only surely serve to make the team continue to wallow in mediocrity.

Regarding tight ends, I think we need to draft at least one of those guys with our early picks if they are available and well regarded by the scouts. We should also go after one in Free agency too, in other words, not one or the other, but both! Tight end needs to be significantly upgraded, receiver needs to be significantly upgraded, the o-line needs to be upgraded, draft and sign free agents at all of those positions. Draft and sign a cornerback in Free agency, maybe a pass rusher in free agency too, and we will be all set for next year after we sign our key free agents who we want to keep.

We need to completely change the model that we have been using to construct this unappealing collection of mediocrity that isn't suited to compete in todays NFL. Time to get out of the comfort zone and take some chances and make some moves with testicular fortitude. It's the only way we can transform this team into a consistent winner that can compete with any of those teams that made the playoffs this year. Go Fins!
Totally agree with you on this especially about changing the model. It's a change of philosophy if you will. IMO Philbin is attempting to do that. Even the FO is to a degree with a new logo and overall look. I feel the organization is finally seeing this and are moving in a new direction.