Let's not try to define prospects using only 2 dimensions. Sure, straight line speed is a great thing, and a 40 time is a good indicator, but speed is really much more than that. Suddenness, burst, first step, explosion, acceleration, whatever you call it going from one speed (e.g. stopped or 2nd gear) and quickly kicking it up to a much faster speed is how many WR's create separation and get open deep. Someone without this burst but has a gradual build up to a top speed doesn't create much separation even if their top gear is faster. Sometimes it means they only get open deep very late in the play and can be covered by a safety over the top by that time. Patterson has tremendous burst, so even if his top speed clocks in around 4.45 instead of 4.40, he is still a dramatic deep threat.

Similaraly, lateral quickness often has little connection to vertical top speed. Some WR's can stop on a dime, and move laterally completely avoiding the tackler ala Barry Sanders. Now Patterson doesn't have Barry Sanders level ankle-breaking lateral quickness, but combine his phenomenal burst with tremendous change of direction skills, loose fluid hips, excellent vision for lanes and blocking, and a real knowledge of how to set up his blocks and willingness to use his blocking means this kid is going to be special IMHO.

I haven't seen that kind of ability in a Dolphin uniform very often. Maybe Reggie Bush has that kind of ability, but really I'm thinking about David Overstreet (RIP) and Mark Clayton type of OMFG type of dazzling, breath-taking open field style. It devestates defenses, scares safeties to death, demoralizes Defensive Coordinators, and embarasses LB's. This type of electrifying player would put butts in the seats for Ross, TD's in the stat column for Tannehill, open up running lanes for our OL, and be for our offense what Victor Cruz provides for the Giants.

I've liked Patterson since he broke into the Tennessee lineup, but I thought we would be able to get him in round 2 because he was so raw. Clearly, if we want him, we'll have to use our first rounder, and I'm on board with taking him at #12. These pass rushers really almost all had disappointing seasons leaving me with a very boom-or-bust feel for any of them available at #12, so I'm hoping we grab Patterson.