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You are absolutly wrong and Shula proved that all the time. Yes we need more talented players too I agree but Tom Brady was a find and the last time we beat the Pats for the division title Brady was on the bench. So one player at the right position can make all the difference and its not just the Phins that the Pats have been pounding. Of course when we had a better coach and better QB in Marinio and sometimes a very average talented team we still owned the AFC.
That's ridiculous. Yes, a great coach can and will win more games than an average or poor one. Do you honestly believe if Shula was coaching this group of talent in todays NFL (being a passing league) that we would have been competive for Superbowl or even a long run in the playoffs? This team is full of holes at WR/TE on offense and relatively poor secondary play save Jones. There are zero big play guys at these positions.

The Pats have guys coming off the bench to score 3 TD's in a playoff game with their all pro tight end out of the game. They still put up 42 points. They also have playmakers all over the Defense. They produce turnovers where we apparently forgot that was part of the rules of football.

Marino and Brady both changed their franchises. The difference in the two is Brady has had great teams which is a big reason he's probably going to his 6th Superbowl. Marino had great receivers, but never had a plus running game and routinely had bad defenses.