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Children are used for political purposes all the time. Bush was surrounded by them when signing No Child Left Behind, which did little to stop the horrible decline our of education system. Did you miss all the candidates kissing babies while campaigning? Did you miss people trying to attack the first amendment under the guise of "protecting the children"? The NRA brought that one up again recently(and not just in the attack ads). Children and American politics have been linked for decades if not centuries.

Can you please provide the quote of Obama stating that taxing the rich will fix everything. I missed that one and would be interested in reading that quote. To be honest, i think the most interesting thing about that quote would be the rights inability to shove it down his throat. Either way, would appreciate you throwing it up here.
you could of saved yourself a reply if you would of read my post. i admitted that ALL politicians do this. they cry and cry about how horrible and insensitive the "other side" is, then they turn around and do the exact same **** and expect you to buy it.

of course obama never said it, it was implied, look at the many examples of obama supporters thinking all of their problems were gone when he won the 2008 election.