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I could not disagree with you more.

I have said the NRA was wrong in bringing his daughters into this, I have also said I thought them blaming the video game industry was BS.

I will go further by saying the President is special, deserves all the security he receives, mostly because of the increased threat levels he is probably constantly under.

Where I completely disagree with you though is when the President or in my case, Governor Cuomo sits down and outlaws a class of weapon or magazine etc. for the general public, yet continues to benefit from that very class of weaponery through increased security, is not only "probably" hypocritical, it is the very defenition of the word.

Yes, these men face much more threats than the average joe, but every day hundreds of people run into situations that are just as dangerous as they do.
Heres a question for anyone that may know. At what point did the Presidents detail start carrying automatic weapons and why? Every Presidential assasination or attempt that i recall happened with a hand gun or sniper rifle. So, why the overkill?