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The guy clearly has some issues that makes him a risk with a high pick.
No matter how this plays out this guy is screwed when it comes to draft stock.

Let's say he's this elaborate hoaxster who did this all for publicity. It's sick, it's twisted and totally messed up and not a good representation for any NFL franchise. You can't trust him.

But maybe he's a gullible Mormon boy who got led along for years and years and years and was truly stupid enough to believe he was in a loving, deep, emotional relationship despite it being all phone calls and AIM chats (despite him saying they met). If he's this sheltered of a person how will he be able to make it in the NFL? It'll only get more hectic from this point onward. Oh yeah and he is still a liar.

Either scenario is equally hilarious and I can't wait to hear him elaborate on this whole thing. He probably needs to answer some emails from long lost Nigerian relatives and help them out first though.