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I think at an early age, with the proper studys and exams we can better identify high risk people. almost all of the recent school shootings had a guy who was the quiet guy in the back of the room who was bullied more often than not. first, we have to fix the bully issue, but if we know someone has been bullied, then perhaps we need to talk with them and not write it off as... "well bullies happen, you'll get over it." sometimes people do not get over it.
Bullies have always existed. They always will. Its a Utopian dream to think that someday we will obliterate bullies. One could consider Obama a bully for ramming his ACA down Americas throat. Maybe it's time we looked at a real problem.....people who bought into that "it takes a village" BS Hillary spewed. It takes a mother and a father engaged and involved in their kids life. Paying attention to signs the kid displays. Teaching the kid how to stand up for himself. Encouraging a kid to develop healthy interests.
The village mentality relieves parents of responsibility for their own kid and absolves them from being held responsible for their kids actions. Hey, it's easier to dope the kid up, lock him in a room playing HALO or COD3 and then expect the school and the kids doped up gaming buddies to raise him. Parents involved in their kids lives would have played a greater part in stopping the mass shootings in Newtown, Aurora and Arizona than these Executive suggestions ever will.

I wish we could sterilize idiots again. We need to stop people from peeing in the gene pool anymore.