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Jets. And it's all because of a certain "I have to have the last word" member.

Forgive my spelling. This was sent from my phone.
Thank you, I'm honored you care so much about me.

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Jets, Pats, then Bills.

Jets b/c the fans talk **** and are obnoxious. Pats b/c they always win yet you hardly ever hear from their fans. Bills last b/c they've been more unsuccessful recently than anyone else in the division.
Stop it, all fanbases have their fans that talk junk. I've been here since 2004 and literally every offseason I hear how great Miami will be and how we will suck.

as far as the question.

I don't like any of them but I guess it would be Miami & NE tied then Buffalo. NE moved up in the last decade but I am become desensitized to all their winning and I am actually kind of rooting for them. I am not sure what is happening to me.