The author breaks down each position and I am in agreement with his conclusion

Could Olivier Vernon answer the Miami Dolphins' need to address the pass rush? - Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have needs. They have multiple needs, and have to fid a way to address them. They need help rushing the quarterback. They need help covering wide receivers. They need help catching passes. They may need help prottectig the quarterback. But, what is the most pressing need this offseason?

Which case wins?

It really is tough to pick one, and say that's the definitive answer. Adding a cornerback is important, but if you don't add to the pass rush, it's really not going to be of much help. Is offensive line going to suddenly jump into the fray, if Jake Long is not re-signed?
Personally, I think it comes down to one thing - scoring points. Look at last weekend. In the Divisional round of the playoffs, teams scored 35, 31, 28, and 28 - and those were the four losig teams' scores. The NFL is an offensive league. The rules make it easier to put up points, and the Dolphins have to get back in the race to the endzone. Which brings us to the most important area to address this offseason - wide receiver.
I don't like putting that, because it seems like the easy answer. But, in the end, it's the only answer that makes sense to me. If this team could only address one position this offseason, wide receiver is the one.
Clay and Fasano can last another season at tight end. Wake has shown he can have success without another threat, and there's a chance Vernon could be the pass rusher the team needs. Cornerback will get better with Marshall's return, assuming the team re-signs Smith. But, Hartline and Bess need someone else. Maybe Armon Binns, who looked decent near the end of the season, before the number 19 curse bit him, could help. But the position still needs more. Even if the team lets Long walk, the offensive line without him this year was not horrible - it wasn't great, but it was at least decent.
Wide receiver has to be addressed. There's nothing else this team needs as badly. Weapons around Tanehill will make the quarterback, and the Dolphins, better. From there, who knows where this team could end up.