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The only reason video games is in the cross hairs again is because the NRA put it there.

As for violent video games, movies, cartoons, books, what have you. It all boils down to the environment the child is raised in. Which I am sure this has been brought up.

If the child sees a fictional person beating someone up,or killing them, and doesn't have a parent around to tell them that is is not right to do that, yeah, they are going to mimic what they see on the screen. Or even worse, they see these things on screen, and then also see them at home because of an abusive parent, again, they will mimic it.

But so long as you have a parent that actually loves and cars about their child and pays attention to rating systems. Then kids can play these games, watch these movies, so on and so forth, without turning into a psychopath.

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Well said. Glad you get it.