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Thread: Violent Games Legislation Introduced to US Congress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy View Post
    Walrus, are you sick? I threw down the gauntlet a little bit and expected some fire. Should my feelings be hurt or did I finally make a strong enough argument to get you, Spesh, and Locke to STFU? That would be alternately exciting and disappointing. That would be like the Jets leaving the NFL. Who would I banter with? Scorcho? Boo!

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    Not only did i miss a post directed at me, i totally missed my mention in this post until i read Locke's recent response. Like the others, ive been busy, had a surgical procedure and couldnt do much more than lay around drooling (drooling more than usual that is). Dislike reharshing debate points that are a week old but i did respond to your post in the gun stance poll thread, though i limited it to the founding fathers romanticization.

    Looks like the freedom loving, cigarette smoking, flag saluting righty defeated us latte' drinking, welfare state creating, czar groveling lefties. Foiled again!
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