I heard on radio today about how Brady has a large playbook to pull plays from at his discretion. I heard that the 49ers have myriad plays for Kaepernick to go with.

In reverse fashion, we understand that Sherman gave Tannehill a basic playbook with select plays to go with. Plays he was comfortable with in college. Mostly due to his lack of experience from college in the qb spot.

Well now he has a year of NFL experience under his belt, and he has seen the defenses, speed of play, and intricacies presented to him. I'm hoping Sherman will add more plays and have confidence that Ryan can make good adjustments at the line. Even better than he did this year.

So for the second part of my question to you, I expect a confident, even more poised Tannehill to come into camp with a "Take the ACF East by storm" mentality. He has played the Pats, Jets, and Bills twice, both home and away. I'm not saying he didnt have a killer attitude this season, its just that he had to experience a year under NFL duress first.

So how do you think the coaching staff will improve Tanny next season, and what do you expect of Tanny?