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Thread: Bennett Twofer?

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    Martellus Bennett reminds me too much of Anthony Fasano. He came up big in two or three games out of the year but was relatively invisible for the rest of them. Not to mention he's not particularly quick, and everyone on this forum is demanding a vertical tight end. Plus he's playing with a quarterback (Eli Manning) that loves throwing to his tight ends - just ask Jeremy Shockey and Kevin Boss. Eli Manning made Kevin Boss, and when he left the Giants he fell off the face of the Earth.

    I'm more of a fan of Jared Cook from Tennessee for a free agent tight end option.
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    I'm just being honest, but, to me the gap between Bennett and Fasano is not nearly big enough to warrant giving him anywhere near the kind of money I expect he will want.

    As far as his brother, he's always flashed to me as a pass rusher. I like him. However, I don't see Miami spending any significant resources on a pass rusher this off-season. I expect they will work like hell to develop Vernon, Kaddu, and Shelby. If that doesn't bear fruit, I expect they will re-address the situation the next offseason. This offseason will be focused primarily on helping Ryan Tannehill and getting into the endzone.
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