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Thread: Did Spygate really help the Patriots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by overworkedirish View Post
    Right. Like Fox News.
    What does Fox News has to do with that?

    "....if there is activity in the ball prior to the rubbing action....
    Bill Belichick, Sat Jan 24, 2015


    "You may think that you are some kind of god to these people. But we both know what you really are."
    "What's that? A criminal?"
    "Worse. A politician."
    Source: Under The Dome
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    I don't want to sound like one of those butt hurt AFC east fans that's tired of NE always winning the division, but I'm honestly still not convinced that they aren't cheating in some capacity.

    For the record, I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination, but make your own conclusion: Can you think of ANY team EVER in the history of the NFL that has been as consistently good as the Belichek/Brady era of the Patriots? Seriously, think of the very best teams, the dynasties...none of them have stayed dominant for this long. Even with massive player and personnel changes throughout the years they continue to persevere.

    At some point in time even the best of the best start to slip, whether its due to injuries, retirements, etc. this is true for every team in the NFL...except the Patriots. Even when Brady went out for the season in week 1 they still finished with an 11-5 record! It's just a little hard to believe.

    Then of course there are things like the obvious no-calls they pull off all the time. You notice it's incredibly rare they lose close games, they only ever lose by a reasonable margin, probably because it would be too hard for the refs to help them without it being obvious. You also NEVER hear anyone in the media say anything bad about their organization. It is what it is, but even though they haven't won a Super Bowl since Spygate there's no denying that they continue to put a product on the field that has been very good for a questionably long amount of time.
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    It didn't help them win Super Bowls, so I guess it depends on your definition of "helped".......

    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    The Giants absolutely win it all w/ Sanchez and they probably have more playoff wins and playoff apps if Sanchez is their QB, we probably don't even make a title game w/ Eli the last 2 years........
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