What in the hell happened with this guy between the draft and the start of training camp? On tape as a draft prospect he showed everything you look for in a raw tight end with significant upside. He had the frame, the speed, the quickness, the agility, and a willingness to get hit and block. He looked like a matchup nightmare. I was really excited when they drafted him.

Then...he showed up to training camp with a huge ass and shrunken muscles. Not sure I can say I've ever seen that happen before. It's like he got drafted, stopped working out, and began the fast food cycle...McDonalds in the morning, Burger King at lunch, and Wendy's for dinner...and pizza in between as a snack. It was a scene...as we all witnessed.

What does this all mean? It means two things. 1. Since it looks like he threw in the towel, and his dignity, in a losing bout with maturity, it means there is, from a theoretical stand point, still hope. 2. It means we will know where we stand the second he steps on the field for his first practice of training camp. On that day, if he passes the eyeball test, we will have one of those "playmakers" Miami is so lacking. If he doesn't, that means there is no hope and we can expect him to be a camp casualty.

So, the jury is not out. But, I suspect it will be in late July. Here's hoping he he's got it in him.