24/7Wall Street also ranks Hialeah as 5th worst. Ironically, Miami ranks worse than even Detroit

I dunno that The Fins should really financially continue to hitch their cart to a city oft derided as a "banana republic" from a political standpoint vs finding a corporate partner to situate a custom made stadium in a central site in a more stable municipality and accessible to a more affluent and mainstream demographics base -like near the Bank Atlantic Stadium in Sunrise at the edge of the Everglades. Perhaps instead of the major rehab, Mr Ross should do some upgrading with an eye towards eventually turning Joe Robbie into a soccer and special events stadium. (hell, maybe we'll even attract better beat writers LOL)

2. Miami, Fla.
> Population: 408,760
> Credit rating: A2, negative outlook
> Violent crime per 1,000 people: 11.98 (12th highest)
> Unemployment rate: 12.4% (17th highest)

Between 2007 and 2011, the median home value in Miami fell by 43.5%. Additionally, the city had one of the nation’s lowest median household incomes, at under $29,000, while 31% of residents lived below the poverty line — nearly twice the U.S. rate of 15.9%. Despite the difficult economic conditions Miamians faced, the city joined with Miami-Dade County to pay for almost 80% of the more-than $600 million cost of building a new baseball stadium for the Miami Marlins. The deal has caused significant uproar. While taxpayers pay extremely high costs to service the stadium debt, the team has traded many of its top players. In 2011, the SEC launched an investigation into the agreement.

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