Don't post the facts. You might hurt the brains of the dodo's who love to piss on us South Floridians.

Fact is, 31% live below the poverty line. This is something I already knew because I have lived in Miami Florida since 1990. This place is a 3rd world country, no joke. Most everything is in spanish, and going to any American establishment like an Outback Steakhouse, McDonalds, etc... will have you met with people who can barely speak proper english with heavy accents.

Miami's reputation as a nice, party, beach city is only because if you are rich, you can have a great time.

A lot of people cannot afford to go to Dolphin games. Especially if the team has sucked ass for the past 10+ years. And the Dolphins are competing with a first class organization in the Miami Heat, who are truly a model to how a sports franchise should be run, in any sport.

So before you go and piss on Dolphin fans for being "bad fans" again.....