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After reading all of these posts I am reminded how much I appreciate where I live now... I grew up in Miami and was devastated when my parents made the decision to move to ft myers because they didnt want to raise a family in Miami anymore, I remember it like it was yesterday (we moved a week before Hurricane Andrew) After living in ft myers for about 10 years I moved out to California where I live now and as many fond memories I have of Miami I also thank my parents decision to get our family out of there when they did. Between the violence and living in fear, (like when our pop warner team took a buss to a game in carol city and we broke down at 9pm), lack of skilled jobs, rude people, and lack of skilled jobs I couldnt imagine wear I would be today. Everyone I talk to nowadays out in Cali talk about all the glitz and glam they see regarding Miami and I tell them that for the most part that is South Beach and not Miami as a whole. I wont lie though I seriously miss some good Cuban food and made it a point to stop a few times last year when I was down to get my fill. I actually got in a fight at some so called puerto rican restaurant out here that had a cuban sandwich on the menu and I asked them about their Cuban bread and they said there is no such thing as Cuban bread its just a normal sourdough...
As a native South Floridian, I echo your sentiments. Miami/Ft Lauderdale is a great place to visit, but you really do not want to live here. I will be leaving south Florida soon, and I am counting down the days.
IMHO, the influx of immigration did not improve the area over the years. It increased crime, neighborhood blight, and the building boom used every square inch of open land.
The "we are taking over" mentality is very prevalent here. It really illustrates the reason Miami has declined. I really don't understand that kind of comment because Miami and Cuba before Castro were close neighbors. Hispanics were always a part of South Florida.
The difference now is that most are too lazy or ignorant to speak English. I speak some spanish and I have dated some fine Cuban, Mexican, Colombian, and Panamanian women in my 20-30's...in the 70's and 80's...and they all spoke perfect English as well as Spanish. I was accepted into their families and sat at their dinner tables.
As a kid, we could drive to the beach and park on the sand, now you are lucky to get a glimpse of the ocean between condo towers...
It is not the same. The beauty is for the most part gone, and the arrogant attitude "calling everyone a racist who disagrees" is not isolated to few.
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