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You make it sound like they are too stupid to think for themselves.
Not at all. They are just the most politically active. They are the most likely to actually do something about it. Look at young white women from 18-24. Would you believe that they are overwhelmingly able to identify as Republican? No?

That's because they typically don't vote. Outspoken, outraged, and ready to change the cause but... they aren't voting. They're just getting into facebook debates and posting stupid slogans and banners, yet in reality, only 65% of those people vote! Talk about wasted energy.

Honestly, don't put words in my mouth. I never said that, and shame on you for making this debate about that. This is why progress will never be made in the US, sadly. The moment you discuss anything anywhere near the line you get automatically accused of being racist.

****, look at this thread with that stupid little kid calling people racist for Spanish people but using backwards hypocrisy to try to make his point. He sincerely believes what he is saying. That is ****ing terrifying to me. I put him on ignore, which puts him squarely in company of... 1. The first time I've ever done that, simply because I can't stand THAT breed of ignorance.