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Exactly. And I think it is probably one of those guys or a db that we will be targeting. So who is to say someone else won't snag them from us? Think if we had Earl Thomas and Jones on the same team right now...
I think that Millner an Banks aren't really on the talent level that Jordan, Mingo, Jarvis Jones, K. Allen, or C. Patterson are.

CB is definitely a need for our team. But if we sign D. Cox, C. Houston, B. Grimes or bring back S. Smith than I think we can wait till 2b, 3a, 3b, or even our 4th pick for CB.

I think out first 6 picks should be
DE - WR - WR - S - OT/OG - CB

But the first 4 are interchangeable, we need to hit on elite talent with our first pick, elite/solid talent with 2ab, and solid starter/developmental with 3ab, 4, 5, 7ab

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