I'm rooting for Mike Nolan. He was great for Miami and I was proud to call him our DC.

While Coyle's defense has done a good job at not allowing many points (their main job), they have been historically bad at creating turnovers. The 2012 Miami Dolphins forced fewer takeaways than any other team in Miami Dolphins history. Yeah, it was that bad. Coyle did well with what he had, but the lack of takeaways definitely hurt our offense. We almost never gave Tannehill the ball in a scoring situation ... and with our WR's and run blocking we couldn't drive 80 yards every time. Coyle needs to create turnovers. The Dolphins will continue to fail at the single most important statistic, Turnover Differential, unless Coyle's defense can dramatically improve on the takeaways. I don't mean this as an indictment against Coyle, but it's clear that Nolan succeeded at creating turnovers with the same players that Coyle was historically bad at creating. Its tough to follow a great DC like Mike Nolan.

I'm rooting for Mike Nolan to win it all.