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Thread: Barry Jackson asks Steve Ross about free agent receivers...

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    “They’re going to have to fit in and not be people playing for a contract. You can’t be signing free agents just to think you’re going to be satisfying the public.”

    No Wallace.

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    We need more then 1 fricken WR too. Drafting 1 WR and not signing any free agent receiver or drafting a second WR would be really stupid.
    Please God, let me see 1 Dolphins Superbowl victory before I die.
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    we have 6 picks in the first 115 or whatever it is. Chill people. FA is for chest the jets. Half the league is broke and also have to sign their own. We will make offers and let them walk to some desperate team who thinks champions are built through these guys. Todays NFL is about getting cheaper unless your the broke the bank guy who never pays off......think the Bills and Mario. The man said we are not hiring guys who will play for a contract. I think that means we will be stingy like before and draft to our hearts content while siging important people like Hartline, Fasano, and yes, Clemmons. He is solid and he will not break the bank and we will draft one as well IMO cus the position is fairly deep.

    Look for one or two FA and Wes Welker might not be a bad idea. I think New England is wearing thin on him. And if not, NE spends money they dont really want to like us.
    My offseason:
    Resign Clay and Odrick
    Cut Starks, Gibson, Fields, Finnegan early
    Cut Ellerbe and Wheeler June 1. Wallace stays so long as he sings coombaya with the team.

    1. Melvin Gordon RB
    2. Bernard Mckinney ILB
    3. Tyler Lockett WR
    4. John Miller G (and nothing but a G)
    5. Xavier Williams DT
    6. Anthony Chickillo DE
    7. Kevin White CB

    but it never turns out the way I see it. never. but maybe it should.
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