I started watching some of the games with the NFL rewind. The game film takes forever to watch and hopefully before FA I will post my thoughts on each player and position. I'm currently watching the condensed versions to get a quick assessment then I will watch the game tape in detail. For this post I want to focus on the FA's.

Randy Starks Ė In the run game he was really good. I know the run D had a couple of average games but for the most part was consistent and Starks was part of the consistency. He was better in the pass game than you think, was able to get pressure on the QB a few times a game. I believe Starks will not ask for more money than he deserves. The contract will match his value. This move would make McDaniel expendable. I actually liked Kheeston Randall in his limited action and we donít need a $3 million backup DT. Find a backup late in the draft.

Chris Clemons Ė I thought he was good in run support though wasnít as activate as Jones. He is a solid tackler and not out of position often. He doesnít make many big plays but rarely gives up the big play. He made a nice int in each jet game. Many want another big playmaker but we have Jones and Clemons wonít cost much. We should still draft someone for depth.

Sean Smith Ė I go back and forth, not sure about him. He is the best of the current group but did not prove he is a shutdown corner or close to it. Is there still potential yes but the biggest problem is his awareness of the ball, finds it late. Of all the players he wants a contract bigger than his worth. I look at it this way he is a #2 corner wanting #1money. I would let him hit FA to test his worth and worse-case scenario he leaves a hole at the corner position but frees up money to sign a CB or realizes he wonít get a big contract and resign to a reasonable contract.

Brian Hartline- With him WR is a need and without him itís a major issue. I thought he had a very good year. He isnít a go up and get it player but runs crisp routes, has good hands, can sneak past the defense, and Tannehill can count on him. Tannehill and Hartline were always on the same page. Donít think he will get overpaid.

Reggie Bush Ė The talent isnít the issue the contract isnít really either. Lamar Miller looked good with limited touches but DT canít stay healthy. Can the team really bank on Miller being the guy, not sure? I would sign him to a short deal or find a cheaper back in FA with power and have Miller for speed and hope DT can stay healthy. The big question is, will Reggie be a weapon we will utilize and earn his contract.

Anthony Fasano Ė I have always liked Fasano. He is a good blocker and is decent in the passing game. I just feel we need more athleticism at the position. The contract would be reasonable but we need bigger plays from the position. With the injury to Charles Clay, Egnewís inactive year, and possible slim pickings in FA might cause him to be resigned.

Jake long Ė This is tough. First off I believe Martin played good enough to play LT. We all now he needs to get stronger. At least thatís fixable with the weight room. So Long, if brought back, would likely play RT. Gardner was barely ok at RT. I like him at OG more than OT. Last year he was terrible at OT. So I donít feel comfortable with Gardner as my RT. I hate to say it but I doubt he comes back. RT is important but not as important as LT. I would find someone a lot cheaper. I feel like even $8 million a year is a bit too much for RT.

Highly likely to be resigned: Total - $15; Spending - $35

Starks Ė $7.5
Clemons - $2.5
Hartline - $5

Good chance of resigning: Total - $26; Spending - $24

Anthony Fasano - $4
Reggie Bush - $7

Doubtful : If they want more they are most likely gone. Total - $39; Spending - $11

Jake Long - $8
Sean Smith- $5