Should be a couple of great games today. This is the greatest day in football.

NFC Championship - Seems like everyone is on the 9ers. They come in as a pretty solid favorite on the road. Atlanta just defeated the hottest team in the league, yet still lacks respect. Its going to be funny watching everyone spin after pretty much 90% of the sock puppets have been saying San Fran wins all week. What will they say when Matty Ice is coolin down that D?

AFC Championship - The great one Tom Brady will hopefully bring the Ray Lewis hype to an end. This should be a great game as it almost always is when these 2 teams meet up.

The Baltimore vs. San Fran scenario would be a nightmare for me. 2 weeks of hearing about Ray Lewis, how the Kaepernick style is taking over the game, and Harbaugh bros. stories. I dont really have a problem with the Harbaughs, but I dont want to hear about that story for 2 weeks.

If only one of those teams make it, then I wouldnt like it but at least I would have a clear rooting interest in the SB. Lets go Pats and Falcons!!!