I know a lot of Phans don't have PFF access. I'm going to post some signature stats from them on our FA's to be. Some do not care for PFF but, I believe most will find the info interesting, and it is something new.

Pass Blocking- #57- Bush was asked to block 67 times and gave up 7 QB hurries, not good at all.

Drops- #17 of 18- He dropped 6 of 41 catch-able passes, not good at all.

Yards Per Route Run- #12- He ran a pass route 232 times for 292 yards, which was good.

Elusive Rating- #12- This is success beyond blockers help. H caused 29 missed tackles on the run, and 7 on the pass, VG

Breakaway %- #5- Runs of over 15 yards. 16 of Bush's runs (15%) were for 319 yards. VG

Is this pretty much what everyone was thinking or, something different?