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That team had not had a winning record in three years thats pure crap. I mean u could say we still had talent leftover from 2008 but thats overblown
2004: 11-5 (Lost in NFC Championship
2005: 8-8
2006: 7-9
2007: 4-12 (Vick dogfighting charges + college coach who quit midway)

2004: 4-12 (Wanny's last season)
2005: 9-7 (Saban's first season)
2006: 6-10 (Saban's last season. The Culpepper Mistake)
2007: 1-15 (Fail Forward Fast)

Look, I am not disputing that the Falcons have drafted much better than the Dolphins since 2008, and yes, the QB pick was the main differentiator, but the teams were most assuredly not starting from similar situations. The Dolphins were going through their 4th regime change in a span of 4 years. With every regime change, players are churned out because they don't fit the same system. The Falcons had fired their coach the year before largely because they underachieved with what the FO perceived was good talent (that and the fact that Mora struck a wrong chord with the owner when he said the Washington gig was his dream job) So, while the Falcons were loaded with talent enough to compete for a Super Bowl just 3 years prior to the Dimitroff rebuild, the Dolphins were 3 years removed from the epic Wannstedtian failure and the botched Saban and Cameron regimes.

The situations weren't comparable. The cupboard was MUCH more bare for the Dolphins than for the Falcons.