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Thread: My Perspective, Patterson vs Allen

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    Another POV My Perspective, Patterson vs Allen

    I still am excited for the combine to come around and see how motivated these 2 are in pushing themselves for that extra inch on the jumps vert or long or that .01 second shed off their 40 time, or those extra couple of bench reps.

    I watched as many highlights as i could off of the internet and was going off what I remember from the handful of games i saw either in this year but at this point in time I would HANDS DOWN be happier with having patterson as a Dolphin next year. When I was watching the highlights you don't expect to see negative plays but I also didnt see as many "Wow" plays by Allen. I saw a few great catches/runs and saw alot of average plays that were for decent gains, so don't get me wrong I think allen would definitly help out and be an upgrade for our WR corp. and we could definitly use alot of the plays I saw him make but I viewed him more as just a solid WR but not a Superstar. Now when I watched Patterson's highlights, I did keep in mind the same thing as Allen these were just his highlight plays and I don't know if he "dissapears" in games or runs bad routes or has drop problems, but what I did see in the video's was a reciever that was determined! This was the difference between the two that would make me want him hands down over Allen was he seemed "hungry". In doing so I did not see many average catches/runs like Allen but instead saw alot more catches/runs that if they would have been in a Dolphins game I would have been jumping off the couch or yelling some jumble of words that could not be understood because I would be so excited. The last big difference that I saw that really made me like Patterson more was his vision. In similar plays and in almost every highlight I watched where either player had a few yards to work with Patterson's vision was GREAT. He was making moves 1/2 second - 1/2 yard earlier than allen was making them in similar plays.

    I became even more excited when thinking about the combine and if my feelings are correct Patterson is going to improve, and show great worth ethic between now and the combine and put up numbers exceeding what people are projecting for him. I feel Allen will be right at what people think he will do which will still be good numbers just not as good as Patterson. I know some will disagree and these are just my own personal views and ideas and hopes of these 2 players. Honestly though i pictured patterson gaining 20 pounds or so of muscle and as long as it didnt affect his speed with what he was already doing to Defensive players he is going to be a 12 year {PRODUCING} reciever in this league and a great addition for our team for years to come! Adding him and whatever FA we get we will finally get to see what our QB can do with more talent which will make less drops and they will make tougher catches which will make tannehills confidence go up and his pysche go up and we will see more deep balls and more zip and better QB production game in and game out....

    So if we took Patterson at #12 I would be happy. If we took BPA at 12 and used 2 picks and moved up back in the first round and got Patterson I would go nuts and buckle up for our best draft ever. If we took BPA at 12 and took Allen with 2a then I would be pretty happy with it but would once again think about what could have been and watch where patterson went so I could see how he did with that team next year and when he put up huge stats wish we would have gotten him. and finally if we take Allen with the number 12 pick I am not going to freak out or be upset but I definitly do not feel as though there will be a smile on my face.

    When I say BPA my favorite site to go to is draftcountdown.com been liking the site for years, and with their mock draft they have us going with this.... Few teams have a more clearly defined need than the Dolphins do at wide receiver. However, this may be a bit early for Calís Keenan Allen and Miami might be wise to take advantage of what figures to be impressive depth at the position in round two or three. If the Dolphins do opt to wait on a pass catcher they could turn their attention toward the defense with this pick, where there figures to be a number of intriguing possibilities. Barkevious Mingo of L.S.U. is a rare athlete with a long, rangy frame as well as outstanding speed, quickness and a burst. Mingo, who could project to either defensive end or outside linebacker at the next level, is still raw but he appears to possess all of the tools to be a dynamic threat off the edge. The Phins could afford to bring Mingo along slowly as a situational pass rusher behind Jared Odrick or perhaps groom him as a replacement for Koa Misi or Kevin Burnett. Miami might also be in the market for a cornerback to team up with Sean Smith so Dee Milliner of Alabama could be in the mix if available. If Jake Long is allowed to leave as a free agent they could replace him with Central Michigan OT Eric Fisher.

    In this same mock draft they have Kennan Allen going number 23 overall to the Vikings and Cordarelle Patterson going number 27 to the Houson Texans and no other recievers going in the first round of course.

    Here is what the site says for the Vikings that makes me think even if they dont want to go WR they would be the team that could bait us into moving up if that is the way that we decide to go. The Vikings are clearly on the right track in their rebuilding effort but itís imperative that Minnesota juice up their anemic passing attack and provide young quarterback Christian Ponder with some weapons to throw to other than Percy Harvin and Kyle Rudolph. Calís Keenan Allen does not get the type of national media attention that he deserves but pro scouts believe he profiles as a potential go-to target at the next level. A big, smooth athlete with a well-rounded skill set and the ability to create after the catch, Allen would be a perfect fit in Minnesotaís West Coast Offense. If Allen is already off the board, which is a distinct possibility, the Vikings could turn their attention to guys such as Cordarrelle Patterson of Tennessee, DeAndre Hopkins of Clemson, Justin Hunter of Tennessee or Terrance Williams of Baylor. There is no doubt that wideout is the Vikes most glaring need but they could also stand to upgrade at linebacker and in the secondary at both cornerback and safety. It's probably be time to start thinking about some reinforcements for the defensive line too since both Jared Allen and Kevin Williams are now on the wrong side of thirty.

    And lastly here is what they say for the Houston Texans on taking Patterson which makes alot of sense with Andre Johnson moving up in age and needing someone opposite side of him not to mention he seems to never make it though a full season or sometimes even half a season so would they be our suitor if we wanted to move up to the first round to grab a reciever????? Itís clear that age is beginning to catch up with Andre Johnson, who is still a very good player but not nearly the dynamic threat he was just a few years ago. At the very least Houston needs to find a vertical threat to compliment and take some of the pressure off of Johnson. Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson is a junior college transfer who only played one season of big-time college ball for the Vols but he could be the most talented pass catcher in this class. A superb athlete with an outstanding blend of size and speed, Patterson is still rough around the edges but with a little patience he has the potential to be a true go-to target at the next level. This would be an ideal situation for both player and team with the Texans offering Patterson an opportunity to be brought allow slowly. Houston could also bolster the depth along their defensive line and Alabamaís Jesse Williams would be a perfect fit due to his ability to play either nose tackle or the five technique in an odd front. Another possibility would be a right tackle, where former late round pick Derek Newton struggled to replace cap casualty Eric Winston. A cornerback or a safety may be an option too.

    I am a long time viewer/reader of finheaven and love to come here year round. I normally just enjoy reading and never usually find the need to post but after the past couple of years I am seeing some of the gears being put in motion to have a good team and I am actually getting those wonderfull feelings again stirring around in my stomache....those feelings of excitment!!! nervousness!!! Happiness!!! Anger!!! instead of the ho-hum feeling i have been having even though being a faithfull fan and following every second of every game, every year! I havnt had these feelings in so long it was back when I was watching Ricky Williams rip teams appart and me laughing watching defensive players being afraid to tackle him and then our defense dominating and watching zach thomas roaming sideline to sideline making the occasional pick 6 as he does a flip into the endzone....ahhhh those were great times, i have been a fan much longer than this, these were just the last memories of the last teams that I truely would go nuts about...but i am starting to feel that these feelings might be coming around again!!!!! and i am hoping that the rest of you can understand and are starting to get those stirrings in your stomache as well!!!! because they are great feelings they are one of the reasons we are fans, why we watch the game!!! why for those 3 hours we are at the game or glued to the tv from our couch or favorite seat in a bar or resteraunt...going through all the ups and downs that the game gives us the overwhelming warmth and happiness that overcomes you with a great play!!! or the blood leaving your face as you give a blank look at the tv when the other team has an amazing play and you think the game is over and the dolphins have lost......I truely feel that this year coming up if we get the right players and keep the right ones that we will have a team that will take you through the emotional roller coaster that we have been missing the past couple of years and make you a rabid dolphins fan again as we triumphantly march into the 2013/2014 playoffs!!!!!
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