Going back to the JUCO thing and realistic expectations for how JUCO players should produce in the first year coming out of JUCO, here are some more players for you. Not all of them are successful pros. They don't have to be. The point with Cordarrelle Patterson is not that he's going to be a successful pro because he's a JUCO transfer. The point with Cordarrelle Patterson is that he produced 778 receiving yards and 5 receiving touchdowns, which in SOME years would come shockingly close to leading the entire SEC in pure receiver catching production, and this should be considered pretty good for it being his first year off a JUCO transfer.

But here are some stats on production of JUCO players from their 1st year on their new team, to the 2nd year:

Isaac Bruce: 43-562-5, 74-1054-10
Chad Johnson: 33-713-6, (no 2nd year off JUCO)
Keyshawn Johnson: 58-1140-6, 90-1218-6
Steve L. Smith: 35-743-4, (no 2nd year off JUCO)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh: 24-378-2, 42-656-6
Stevie Johnson: 12-159-1, 60-1041-13
Kevin Curtis: 100-1531-10, 74-1258-9
Deion Branch: 71-1016-9, 72-1188-9
Devin Thomas: 6-90-1, 79-1260-8
Robert Ferguson: 58-885-6, (no 2nd year off JUCO)
Quincy Morgan: 41-1007-9, 64-1166-14
Javon Walker: 20-313-3, 45-944-7

The list above are all guys I could find that actually either did something in the NFL, or ended up taken in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft or better.

They averaged 42 catches, 711 yards and 5 touchdowns receiving the football as first year JUCO transfers. Coincidentally (or not), Cordarrelle Patterson had 46 catches for 778 yards and 5 touchdowns as a first year JUCO transfer.