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Thread: Thoughts/Feelings going forward of this fan

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    Another POV Thoughts/Feelings going forward of this fan

    I just made a post in the Draft section on this site and while thinking and typing up the post I started thinking and getting some intense feelings and thoughts and just wanted to share it with my fellow dolphin fans and see if you agree or maybe have been thinking/feeling what I was noticed when I was writing and posting just a few minutes ago.

    "I am a long time viewer/reader of finheaven and love to come here year round. I normally just enjoy reading and never usually find the need to post but after the past couple of years I am seeing some of the gears being put in motion to have a good team and I am actually getting those wonderfull feelings again stirring around in my stomache....those feelings of excitment!!! nervousness!!! Happiness!!! Anger!!! instead of the ho-hum feeling i have been having even though being a faithfull fan and following every second of every game, every year! I havnt had these feelings in so long it was back when I was watching Ricky Williams rip teams appart and me laughing watching defensive players being afraid to tackle him and then our defense dominating and watching zach thomas roaming sideline to sideline making the occasional pick 6 as he does a flip into the endzone....ahhhh those were great times, i have been a fan much longer than this, these were just the last memories of the last teams that I truely would go nuts about...but i am starting to feel that these feelings might be coming around again!!!!! and i am hoping that the rest of you can understand and are starting to get those stirrings in your stomache as well!!!! because they are great feelings they are one of the reasons we are fans, why we watch the game!!! why for those 3 hours we are at the game or glued to the tv from our couch or favorite seat in a bar or resteraunt...going through all the ups and downs that the game gives us the overwhelming warmth and happiness that overcomes you with a great play!!! or the blood leaving your face as you give a blank look at the tv when the other team has an amazing play and you think the game is over and the dolphins have lost......I truely feel that this year coming up if we get the right players and keep the right ones that we will have a team that will take you through the emotional roller coaster that we have been missing the past couple of years and make you a rabid dolphins fan again as we triumphantly march into the 2013/2014 playoffs!!!!!"

    If you think I am "dumb" for this post than you are welcome to your own personal thoughts and feelings but I am happy to share this with all of you and truely am happy to feel like this again finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading.
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    I dont think you are 'dumb' at all, and cant WAIT to get that feeling in my stomach back!!
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    If your memories of so-called "greatness" extend only to the days of pothead, trust me, you HAVEN'T seen "greatness". We were NEVER great in the pothead-wannabe era.

    That is what is so sad, we have fans that remember when we "were a good team"... in 2002. THAT was no standard for a "good" team by historical Dolphin standards. Shows how far we have fallen. When we consider 10-6 or 9-7 and barely missing the playoffs as "good", we're in trouble.

    Most old-line Dolphin fans thought of the williams era as being BAD times... just imagine what we think of nowadays.
    Ryan Tannehill. Ah, what a relief. Life is good.
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