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Long...$10 million
Smith...$5 million
Bush...$5 million
Clemons...$2 million
Starks...$6 million
Levitre....$5.5 million(not happening at that price)
Jennings...$9 million

$42.5 million with $7 million for draft picks
$49.5 million total

You still need to sign or replace free agents
Marlon Moore,Matt Moore,Devlin

That's 16 players who will need to get payed or their replacements
Even if you pay an average of $500k to all those players add another
$8 million to the previous total of $49.5 million bringing you to $57.5 million

I also believe that the numbers you have for both Levitre and Jennings are very low
you might want to add another $5 million for both over your estimate

Which would bring you up to around $62.5 million or way over what we will have available
You make good points. Its definitely a tight rope act. I think we will eventually have to leave some guys hanging (Long is the big one, you let him walk and your relying heavily on Yeatman/Garner). If Clemmons gets resigned it wil probably be for more and we might not get a Safety in this draft, which would be a shame. If Sean Smith wants more than 5 mil he can walk. Find two CB's in this draft, going back to Safety again being left out. I think Ireland wants Patterson, Mcmann, and Standford back with the last two at the cheap. Seriously thinking Smith ends up walking.