I've been a Matthews fan since the beginning. Last offseason he wasn't really given much of a chance in preseason as the staff continually hoped the bigger faster WR's would blossom. Roberto Wallace, Legadu Naanee, Marlon Moore all got the vital preseason snaps instead of the rookie Matthews. Even our developmental time was shared with more prototypical athletic specimens like Tyms, Armstrong and Armon Binns. So, I dont think the staff is sold on his physical gifts. He is a big strong 6'0 guy who isn't big enough or have a big enough wingspan for the staff to truly get behind him. He has some quickness and speed, but again, he isn't jawdroppingly explosive either. Despite his obvious talent, I think Matthews will have to fight for everything he gets.

This offseason is the time to master his route running and hot reads. If he can do that, it will demand that the staff give him a longer look and a chance for playing time.

But, the club is bringing in 1 FA starter and probably drafting 2 higher rated drafters, all of whom will be given more attention than Matthews.Add in Hartline and Bess and Matthews is definitely on the bubble. He probably is fighting with Binns and Tyms for the very last developmental spot while on the outside looking in. The time for him to master the offense is now. If he can do that, I think he makes it and becomes an NFL WR with a legitimate career. If not, he may never get that chance from the Dolphins or any other NFL team.