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So, now what? We are now complaining that they are searching people who go to the inaugural event? The security every other President has enjoyed is not extended to this one? Why not?
That stupidity goes along with complaining about Obama's kids possibly having a security detail.

The 4th amendment? Unreasonable searches? So a President who is under constant threat of assassination should not have any searches of people going to his inaugural event? Honestly, I don't think you have any clue about our Constitution at all and why some of these amendments are in there.

I come to the point to think that you actually want another Reagan or Kennedy event.

You don't even have to support this President to realize the idiocy behind your thinking that anybody going to the inaugural event of the President has to be searched. What you are doing is utter hatred.

And another post full of hatred and very little substance:

Gas goes up because that's what your energy companies do. Not because of a certain President or economic times.
In this chart you can see that prices go up and down, up and down. It has yet to reach the height of Bush's term though.

Then we have the issue of taxes. No taxes go up. Or have gone up or are higher than before Obama took office. The only "increase" is the payroll tax which was a 2-year temporary reduction enacted in 2009 by Congress. It was always supposed to go back to its original value regardless who would be President. You failed again!

And your last failure is our beloved/hated USPS. The USPS is an independent agency of the US government and has received no funding since the 80s. And since it is technically still a government agency (but run like a private business) the Bush administration had Congress enact a new PAEA in 2006 in which the USPS has to send all its profits into a 75 year prepaid health retirement fund. 75 years prepaid and not allowed to make a profit. The cost: 500 Billion over 8 years. The amount of the prepaid fund is almost equal to the debt load now. And please understand the prepaid fund has nothing to do with paying current benefits to retirees. The USPS never had a payment problem.
They have every right to increase their stamp rate. Nobody screamed bloody murder when a Republican House and a Republican Senate voted and ratified a bill which made it impossible for the USPS ever to make a profit again. It was signed in December 06, one month before the house changed into democratic hands. And then it was signed by a Republican President.
1 cent? If you send 100 letters every month your extra cost are: $1!!!!!!!!
Have you tried to send a letter through alternative ways (FedEx, UPS etc). The 46 cents sound much better right?

This thread is a failure.