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ben had and vaark patting each other on the back, you can't make this stuff up(if you could vaark would do it b/c that's all he does it make stuff up).
Says the Princess of Excuses: yeah if the jest played in the AFCE despite being 1-3 vs the Steelers & Ravens since ''09, they'd have made the playoffs each year, or how about if Cruz didnt catch and score on a 99yd pass vs the jest in '11 in the second quarter, the jest would have gone on to win and made the playoffs while the giants would have been home - despite the giants ending up literally doubling the jest score +1... or that Sanchez in the SD 09 playoff game despite his sub 60 QBR and sub 50% completion, his 101yds, his 2 ints (his 1 TD set up from a defensive interception inside the 10yd line) a 53 yd run by shonn green... and that season's most accurate kicker, choking on 2 chip shots and one makeable long one yet still managing to score only 17 pts and win by an FG led his team to a playoff victory. Too ****ing funny. Then of course, "well we could have beaten Indy in game 15, they were only up by 5 when they pulled their starters in what for them was a meaningless game and inserted Curtis Mr 15QBR Painter.. didn't matter that overall their starters beat us 45-27 including outscoring us 24-ZERO in the final 31 minutes... we coulda, woulda, "

I also said that Rex Ryan was over his head; he had 1 legit winning season out of 4 and no hardware of any kind. Ditto Sparano except for the division title and the greatest turnaround in history. Relatedly I also told you that besides Thos Demitroff, Ozzie Newsome knew what he was doing risking losing a pretty good DC by passing him over for a position coach. I stand by that, as no clubhouses have imploded around Harbaugh, he's taken his team to the playoffs 5 seasons running and is on the upswiing while Rex will be coaching for his job. I told you the only difference between Henne and Sanchez was the supporting cast of characters around them. Your claim that I make things up is why I am archiving all your BS lest there's another server crash or transition because you are the original Queen of Revisionist History. Just because you make us laugh, doesn't mean that we still don't think you're pathetic!