It was just something that made me think and I wanted others input, as I've watched nfl network and them talk about the pistol offense with Kaepernick as well as Griffien's read option offense and the success there. I thought Tannehill for the most part played decent for his first season, especially considering his inexperience and lack of WR help and o line issues this season. It made me wonder if the offense would have had more success or how Tannehill would do or have done with a read option or pistol offense. I don't know much detail about the offense, other than it sets up the option for the hand off to the running back or the qb to hold on and run or throw, etc. But while I know tannehill is not blazing like Bob Griffin and Kap, he's pretty darn fast and I believe the Seahawks ran some variety of that offense with Wilson, who isn't blazing like griffin and Kap but quite athletic and fast himself. Tannehill while no Griffin is a great athlete and actucally ran faster than Andrew Luck who is pretty fast too. He's just a hair slower than wilson. Wilson ran a 4.55 40 at the combine, while Tannehill who couldn't run for the combine cuz of surgery but ran on his pro day ran a 4.58 40 which is a very good time for a qb. I mean he was a WR for college, so even slow WRs are pretty fast compared to many other players. This offense seems like it's useful for the athletic qbs, they have to be pretty fast and athletic, but don't have to be freakish fast as vick or griffin or Kap for it to work it seems though as evidence of Russel Wilson as stated previously. Or is it good miami doesn't or didn't use this offense as a qb is more prone to get destroyed and maybe a shorter career, as evident by the hits Griffin took from it. However, Kaepernick hasn't seemed to get nailed nearly as much as griffin and is it a matter of the coach and how the offensive system is used or has Kap just been smarter when running than Griffin and taken less hits?