I posted a long reply and my web crapped out - Here is the abridged version

My reply to the "Don't tag him" crowd.

We have glaring holes at WR and TE. Tannehill needs weapons to show what he is made of. So you are going to let his left tackle go and plug in the guy from the above video? I'm not about unplugging one whole to plug in another (The ship will still sink). We have wasted money on numerous scrubs throughout free agency and gotten nothing in return for it. Why not bet on one of the only players we have had worth cheering for because he is still young and has potential to bounce back.

At the very worst, if he plays the same way he did this year, RT will have made progress with his "new playmakers" and Martin would have had an extra year under his belt to transition into the league.
Same if he stinks it up.
But if he does come out of his hole, we will have a young LT that is NOT AN EASY POSITION TO FILL.

1. Tannehill can't throw from his back and we have a dreadully thin oline
2. Tannehill can't keep throwing to the scrubs he has at his disposal now

Sometimes you need to choose one road and bite the bullet on the other.
And don't tell me you are all ok with drafting a OL in the first couple of rounds because you can't even say that with a straight face.