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I see Fasano tied for #10 on TDs, with Aaron Hernandez and Vernon Davis. I also see him at #3 in 2011 on yards per catch among all TE's, and #4 the year before. I also completely disagree on his blocking ability.
He's smack dab middle of the pack in touchdowns, which isn't impressive considering he's the only person worth targetting in the end zone because Hartline and bess lack size. If he caught 7 or 8 it's a bit more impressive, but what objective nfl fan looks at his 5 touchdowns and says "wow, miami sure needs to bring that guy back"

By the way, he had a career low in yards, yards per catch, first downs, etc in a contract year nonetheless. It's not like the system made him ineffective, he actually had the most targets he's ever had. Does no one remember that god awful stretch from weeks 8-14? Even if he was the best blocker in the NFL, he'd still be considered mediocre with those numbers.

If you can provide some insight on his blocking ability id love to hear it, but it certainly didn't do us any good this year. We couldn't protect the qb effectively and we certainly didn't run effectively. He should be held partially responsible for that