I will agree that last year was not Fasano's best. His blocking and yards per catch were down. However, I look at what he has done since he got here, and it has been as rock solid as any player we have had. He has been through three OC's, four QBs, and has done nothing but good for our team.

Some keep bringing up his speed, which is fair but, no one is showing me the speed demons having a better yards per catch and/or TD's than he had in 2010 and 11. The reason is simple, they are few.

Anyone recall 2008? That was when I thought Fasano was at his best. We had David Martin as a second TE. Fasano averaged 13.4 yards per catch with 7 TD's, and Martin was 14.5 with 3 TD's. They combined for just under 1,000 yards with Penny. I wonder IF that was where Mr Bill got the idea of two TE's causing damage.

That would be my ideal situation for Fasano.