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Ireland has been quoted as saying for 2 years, that the TE position needs to be upgraded.

As for Fin Fan In Cali, he tried to say it took Sherman until late in the year to utilize the TE. When I pointed out that over half of the Fasano's receptions were in the first 6 or so weeks, he had to goto ridicule. What a waste. Once you shoot down someone's theory, they have nothing left but ridicule.

And my want for a new TE started in 08. This year, with the glut of TE's on the market, I want Keller/Cook and draft Eifert. Give this young QB a solid consistent TE to rely on. Something Fasano isn't. He's consistently gone weeks at a time. No where to be found. He goes out on a route, and DEs can stay with him. When you have a career year of 41 receptions, that isn't a good thing. I want a TE who can bail out his QB. I want a TE who can put the LB and Safety on their heels. I want a TE that teams respect. When you get one of those, it opens up the WHOLE offense.
I actually agree with you, to a degree. We DO need a 2nd TE to stretch the field but, that does not take away from what Fasano has done for the team. I have to question the number of targets he has gotten. He may be covered by a DE but, when you throw him the ball, he catches it no matter who is in coverage. 41 for 41 is impressive, and has been about the same since he got here.

From what I recall last year, he was a blocker who became a safety valve much more than in the past, and his yards per catch suffered. Someone does not go from 13 yards a catch over 4 years to 8 for no reason.

I would ask that you open your mind a bit here, all things considered, to realize that Fasano is a VG value to our team, not only to block but, when we throw him the frackin ball.