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I was simply using it as an example of the type of talent we're trading away, fact of the matter is Revis is one of those players that emerges in the draft about once every ten years. Based on our spotty draft picks, what are the chances we hit on a player who even comes close to holding Revis' jock? And last time I remembered our pass defense was near the bottom of the league, so yes I'm certain Corner is our BIGGEST need. Btw I'm not arguing that we are getting Revis, I'm saying there's a possibility and that we should definitely pursue that opportunity because it's simple with Revis we = Top 5 defense, and boosts our win totals by 3 games not to mention Revis still has a lot of years left in him.
There is no doubt he is an incredible player, however stating that he would boost our win % by 3 games is a tad ridiculous. You say CB is our biggest need? Well we were ranked a top 3 legitimate red zone defense throughout the season, can you find me ANY category where the offense even ranked middle of the pack in? The offense as a whole is, and has been this team's biggest need for the past several years. **** needs to change, and forfeiting offensive playmakers for a DB is not the way to repair it. We can get a pass rusher in the 1st round this year if Ireland is looking for WRs later, and that alone would ease up the pressure n the secondary. It all starts up front on the defense.