Going into FA and the draft, I understand that I need to provide Tannehill with weapons. I am in perfect position to make this happen with the type of players that will be available to me. Although my defense doesn't generate amazing pass rush, were still pretty stout against the run and we are able to utilize both Vernon and Odrick for another year. Here is how I attack it if everything works out perfectly. I sign Greg Jennings in FA, he gives me experience and playmaking ability, I'm concerned a little about his health but that won't detere me from addressing a huge need without giving up my picks. I understand that this draft doesn't have that playmaker I'm looking for that really jumps out at you from an offensive standpoint. There are a few guys I like but I think I can address some of these issues later in the draft so I'm looking for value. I trade from 12 to the early 20', I gain a second round pick giving me a total of 3 2's. I need to get Tannehill more help, this draft is not deep at this position and I havnt really hit on this position yet. I am determined to do so, so I draft my qb a security blanket it eifert or ertz. These guys are very similar, big body, athletic, pass catching te's that are also capable of blocking. I then have 3 2's to play with and I can go Wr, maybe tavon Austin or a quinton Patton. Then I attack defense with corner, lb.
so I walk away with;
Austin/Patton..my qb now has weapons