First Jamarcus Russel. Now Pat White. Next up: Todd Marinovich.

Seriously Pat? Why bother? He is blaming his maturity level. All I can say is good luck and I hope you packed on some weight.

White, the Dolphins’ controversial second-round pick in ‘09 who flamed out of the NFL after just one season, spent Monday shaking hands with NFL personnel people on a high school field outside Mobile. White didn’t get an NFL tryout after being cut by the Dolphins in September 2010, but believes he still can play in the league.

“I know that I can still do it,” said White, a Mobile-area native who still lives in Fort Lauderdale. “I just want to come out here, shake hands, show my face and let coaches know that I’m interested.”

White, who received $2.4 million in guaranteed money from the Dolphins, takes the blame for his NFL failure.

“Just wasn’t mentally ready to compete at the level that I needed to be,” he said.