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Here in the "No Spin Zone" at least when it comes to seeing other teams through clear prisms, as of this morning, the above hypothesis has been repudiated 38-0. A myriad of persuasive reasons and comparisons have been logically provided as to why they were not. Obviously those who have held this "belief" (cause that's subjectively all it ever was), have not even had the courage of their convictions to vote nor the courage to run a similar poll even on their own home forums.

The results are being reposted and will be regularly bumped with any updates because in typical fashion where certain specious premises are challenged, refuted and ultimately reputiated, some can't take the top of page cognitive dissonance dispensed by reality causing the poll to be moved to the Depths. Regardless, it's crystal clear at this point that this "belief" has been soundly rejected by FH members
(and no doubt an overwhelming majority of NFL fans in general.) as biased balderdash and really needs not be further entertained.