around the league every team sitting at home watching championship sunday studies the 4 teams and sees how far away they are at certain positions
QB Tannehill will develop into a pro bowl caliber qb more than capable of winning a super bowl (just wait till he gets experience and playmakers)
RB not sure if Reggie is staying but I would take Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce, Stephen Riddley, Shane Vareen, Gore, Turner and Rodgers over him (don't care if he comes back)
WR LOL (we all know we need 2 new starters at WR) Bess would barely make a few of these teams
TE Fasano is solid but the 4 teams in the championship have Pitta, Dickson, Hernandez, Gronk(injured), Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker and the GOAT Tony Gonzalez
OL BAL and SF lines are outstanding, nasty and physical, NE line is very athletic and great in pass pro, ATL is solid on the OL
Front 7 I would take ours over ATL, NE, and BAL. SF simply has the most talented front 7 in this league (with starks on the roster of course)
Secondary other than Reshad Jones no one in our secondary could get any playing time on any of the other teams

So in retrospect, we have to Improve RB, WR, TE, OL and the Secondary, but we all know this... I made this because of the post about all the teams in the AFC declining to show how far away we are. I see us winning 9 games at the least and 11 at the most next year. I think reaching the AFC Championship would be anything short of a miracle. All depends on which of our own free agents we chose to resign. The draft is loaded with #2 WR's, and DB's. I think we would all bet 100$ Miami signs Jennings, Bowe, Wallace or trades for Fitzgerald or Harvin (although the last two are highly unlikely, then again the Colts cut Peyton Manning)