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Thread: WR is not the biggest weakness on our team!

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    (1) MIAMI needs a "burner" at WR to stretch the field: otherwise, opponents will crowd the l/o/s relentlessly, and the short passing game and the rushing game, both of which should be REALLY good "as is", will be in the toilet...AGAIN.

    (2) Even w/ONE top F/A WR, who happens to be a "burner", the MIAMI WR group is weak: we need another WR, preferably a veteran because Rookie WRs seem to need AT LEAST one year to become PRO WRs.

    (3) WAKE is all we have in terms of bigtime pressure on the QB: VERNON MIGHT develop into a DE pass rusher , but he might not. So get another pass rusher.

    (4) SMITH and CARROLL are both more decent than many of you feel they are. They (neither of them) simpley ARE NOT #1 CBs, let alone a "shut down" CB. We need one and maybe another solid one as well. WILSON will NEVER be one: he's a FS or nothing at all; and MARSHALL's finished: he has multiple herniated discs, and I can't imagine him supporting against the run ever again.

    (5) We need a fast, quick G. All we have at G seems to be "road-graders". And PARCELLSBALL is obsolete.

    (6) J LONG isn't worth the $$$ that he'll still command...and he doesn't seem to handle "speed rushers" well anymore.

    (7) We have no "seams threat" TE, unless you want to go w/EGGNOG.

    Those are the weaknesses. I/m/o, MIAMI should do the following:

    (a and b) Go after BOTH WALLACE and one of JENNINGS/BOWE. (I prefer JENNINGS, but would be happy w/BOWE).

    (c) This year's Draft seems loaded w/ good-looking pass rusher DEs. Draft one w/the 1st Round Pick, and another w/the earlier 3rd Round Pick.

    (d) Use our earliest 2nd Round Pick and our later 3rd Round Pick on the CB position.

    (e) Use all remaining Draft Picks on the G and T positions; also go after LEVITRE in F/A.

    (f) Do NOT re-sign J LONG.

    (g) Go after a F/A TE: KELLER's a good one and his loss hurts the JETS.
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    I think you could argue either way which is a bigger need between DBs or WRs, but in my opinion, I give WR the greater of the two needs because of having a QB that still needs help.
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